Open Source Developer Grant Program

100x, like other companies in the cryptocurrency space, relies heavily on the (often-volunteer) work of dedicated open source developers. This work may be difficult, demanding, and often thankless.

We believe it is the duty of corporations to help nourish the ecosystems in which they exist, giving back where possible to the projects from which they benefit—and from which their very business model may stem.

Without the millions of free hours dedicated by open source developers powering everything from our operating systems to our web servers to Bitcoin itself, the BitMEX trading platform could not have been built.

Under the Open Source Developer Grant Program, we provide annual grants to developers working on Bitcoin, NodeJS, Java or Kubernetes.

In addition we may provide certain smaller grants, from time to time, related to the production of related educational materials, technical workshops or the transcribing or translation of relevant technical content.

Developer Grants; Other Grants and Donations

A full list of grants made by the company can be found on the BitMEX website here.

Template Grant Contract

Any grant offers may be based on the “template grant contract”, which is published under an open source licence on Github.

View template grant contract