100x Group Partners with JA Worldwide

10 Sept, 2020
100x and JA Worldwide logos

100x Group is proud to announce its partnership with JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide, one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, to improve financial literacy among young people. With a donation of USD 1 million, 100x Group will support JA Worldwide’s financial-literacy programmes for young people ranging in age from 5 to 25.

Financial literacy among young people is one of the world’s most pressing issues today. Those with low financial literacy tend to borrow more at higher costs resulting in lower wealth and fewer opportunities. At the same time, without a cushion of savings, economic downturns and unexpected global situations—both of which the last year has brought—can be devastating.

100x Group believes it is imperative for young people to understand basic finances and advance to master more complex financial options and products, so that they can make sound financial decisions for a better future in an increasingly complex world.

Through its partnership, 100x Group aims to help JA Worldwide achieve its vision of giving all two billion of today’s global youth the opportunity to develop real-world financial skills through hands-on learning experiences.

“Across the world, financial literacy among young people has taken a nosedive despite great leaps in technology and education. It’s a worrying trend, and we’re determined to help change this and give young people the skills and inspiration to achieve financial success as they are our hope for the future,” said David Wong, Chairman of the 100x Group.

“JA Worldwide has established an impressive network spanning six continents and serving over 12 million students. Together we have the opportunity to help shape the future of finance by equipping more people with much-needed financial knowledge and access to the right financial services.”

100x Group’s funding will enable JA Worldwide to invest further in global programmes to:

  • Educate students on the fundamental elements of personal finance.
  • Build strong personal financial habits and explore career options based on skills, interests, and values.
  • Help students learn to earn, spend, save, give, and fund their dreams.

Brandie Conforti, Global Chief Development Officer at JA Worldwide said, “We’re delighted to partner with 100x Group. The Group’s vision to enable people to exercise control over their finances is aligned with our goal of empowering young people with the financial skills they need to succeed in an increasingly uncertain world. Together, 100X Group and JA Worldwide will help make JA’s financial-literacy programs available to more of the youth who will benefit from it.”

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